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Yoni Massage Las Palmas can be done by male or female specialist. Please let us know if you have any preference. Otherwise, you will get Yoni Massage from either man or woman therapist.

A Yoni massage must always be a part of a Tantric massage, it’s not a separate massage. You never get a Yoni massage on its own (if the practitioner knows anything about women).

A Tantric massage is a whole experience – a progressive journey through your whole sexual body and different stages of sexual energy.

The Yoni massage is a part of this experience, where you focus on the vagina specifically. For example, you could receive 1.5 hours of Tantric massage, of which the last 30 minutes will be the Yoni massage.

You don’t simply receive a positive effect from the Yoni massage session, you also learn how to create this greater experience consistently in sex with your partners.

The reason Yoni massage therapy is good for you because the effects will have a more profound impact than just what you feel inside during sex. It will release into you the healing and nourishing energy that will positively affect your wellbeing and confidence as a woman in daily life and in your relationships.

Women normally learn only the basic mechanical technique in vaginal stimulation. Women don’t learn how to connect fully with mind and heart inside the Yoni and they don’t learn the more intricate technique for physical sensation inside. This knowledge is unavailable in the mainstream media and general experience of sex in a woman’s life.

So women start off already with a Yoni that feels far from its full potential. Then the Yoni is further desensitized through sex – because the most normal sexual technique is conceived for male pleasure rather than for female. Normal penetrative sex goes completely against how the vagina really works, but it works perfectly for the penis. This kind of sex is too fast, too mechanical and too disconnected.

As a result, the Yoni builds up a lack of sensitivity and negative response which you feel like a block. If there have been any negative sexual relationships or sexual abuse, then the Yoni absorbs even more trauma.

Most women by default have an unrealised potential in the Yoni, which then becomes further blocked through a normal, or a negative, sex life.

Almost all women experience some restrictions in their vaginal experience – they are less sensitive, less orgasmic and tenser than they could be.

For some, it is worse – pain in intercourse, total lack of sensitivity and extreme anxiety. For many women this has a hugely debilitating effect on their confidence as a woman, and on their relationships with their partners.

All women can benefit from discovering their full potential through Yoni massages.

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El masaje Yoni pretende que la mujer se relaje, que pueda disfrutar del deseo verdaderamente para que se despierten todos sus sentidos.  Es una experiencia realmente fantástica para la mujer que posee traumas o prejuicios que le limita sus capacidades sexuales de sentir placer.  Esta práctica tántrica ayuda a que se liberen muchas tensiones, a que la mujer se adueñe de su cuerpo y a que el hombre la respete ya que el hombre estaría observando y ese sería su único motivo de satisfacción pues no hay retribución, únicamente estaría pendiente del placer de la mujer olvidando su propio deseo, por lo que la práctica rompe con el egoísmo que muchas veces afecta al hombre occidental.

Beneficios del Masaje Yoni

Como se muestra a continuación, el masaje Tantra Yoni tiene muchos beneficios:

  1. Un beneficio importante es que ayuda a eliminar los bloqueos y libera las toxinas para aumentar la velocidad del flujo sanguíneo a los órganos.
  2. Hay un aumento en el flujo sanguíneo y esto es lo que ayuda a liberar fácilmente más hormonas, lo que lleva a estimular el funcionamiento cerebral y sexual.
  3. El masaje Yoni proporciona equilibrio hormonal saludable y esto ayuda a proteger contra problemas relacionados con la salud, como disminución de la libido, mala circulación, dolor de espalda, menstruación dolorosa, impotencia, dolor lumbar, relaciones sexuales dolorosas, dificultad para orinar y también podría ayudar en la eyaculación femenina.
  4. El masaje Yoni también proporcionará a la mujer la capacidad de excitarse de forma más rápida y completa, así como experimentar orgasmos a través de las relaciones sexuales